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Did you know..:

  • Horse – Chestnut tree originates from Greece, southern Asia Minor and Iran
  • Flowers, mature and immature seeds and young bark all have medicinal properties. The leaves are sometimes used for cosmetic purposes
  • The fruits of Horse – Chestnut tree contain flavonoids, tannins, coumarins and carotenoids. However, their most valuable ingredient is escin, a mixture of saponins. They are responsible for sealing blood vessels and improving their elasticity. Thanks to this, an extract from chestnuts improve the blood flow in vessels and thus prevents blood clots.
  • While applied as poultice facilitates the healing processes of injuries like swelling, bruising, sprain and crushing. It can also heal minor burns and frost bites due to its anti- inflammatory and astringent properties.
  • Horse Chestnut tree extract constitute an important ingredient of tonics, creams and masks intended for the care of couperose skin. The escin contained in the extract inhibits the activity of enzymes that act destructively on the walls of capillaries - thus it seals them, improves their elasticity and increases their resistance to expansion and cracking. Flavonoids and coumarin also have a sealing and anti-inflammatory effect
  • Chestnut tree extracts are also used in cosmetics intended for the care of mature and sagging skin. The extract helps improve skin elasticity and narrow the pores.



Check out the use of our HERB OF THE MONTH in the hotel:



 Chocolate cake with cream and chestnuts


Lobby bar

Chestnut latte

Chestnut old fashioned




Chestnut fruits – a regenerating face treatment

A strongly nourishing and firming that helps improve the skin elasticity. Thanks to the chestnut extract it strengthens capillaries thus reducing skin redness and narrowing the pores.  Precious argan and jojoba oils regenerate and nourish skin leaving a sensual, warm scent.


Horse Chestnut – a smoothing and strengthening ritual

The composition of Bolus clay and minced chestnuts cleanses, firms and gently smooths the skin filling it with energy and vitality. A detoxicating massage with sage, thyme and lemon essential oils cleanse the skin leaving it bright and velvety smooth.


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